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Serial:   151768        Posting date: 26.01.2015
Country:   TW Taiwan
REQUEST TO BUY - Dairy and fruit products

Out of 15 competitors we control 25% of the dairy whipping cream market, 10% share for non-dairy toppings, and 20% share for fruit fillings. We are in the top three for dairy whipping cream amongst bakery distributors, top seven for non-dairy toppings, and top five for fruit fillings.
As above we import dairy and fruit products for the bakery market in Taiwan.

We are looking for dairy products - milk, butter, cream cheese, whipping cream, and FCMP. We also import fruit fillings that are 50-70 real fruit.

If you need a distributor and wish to expand into Taiwan, contact us and we will arrange and negotiate a trade.

Please contact us.

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