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Do you need a well-payed job, with very atractive perspectives on medium and long term, and which can offer you an increasing income in accordance with the Romanian economy development? Read further very carefully!


Job`s description

The main role of the consultant is to promote the PROFITTOOL system in accordance with the following key-principles of our company:
  •  Data special accuracy
  •  Supervised distribution
  •  Efficient audience
  •  Post-selling supported services

  •  Very good knowledge of the range of products and services offered by PROFITTOOL system
  •  Market's analysis and supervising of tendencies in the Romanian business environment
  •  Identification of potential clients and of appropriate executives belonging to the targeted companies
  •  Approaching the executives and arranging meetings with them
  •  Visiting companies, indentification of their company profile and of their products and services
  •  Collecting the information directly from the source and data registration according to the PROFITTOOL standards
  •  Finding real promotion needs of our client-company in accordance with its trade policy
  •  Identification and proposing of personalized solutions, adapted to the context
  •  Negotiation and concluding of contracts according to the client's needs
  •  Transmission towards the client-company of all necessary data so that PROFITTOOL should be used at maximum capacities and our clients could identify and exploit all the business opportunities
  •  Assistance during the contract development, according to the clients' real needs
  •  Monitoring our clients' capacity of understanding and using of PROFITTOOL system; identification and removing of possible problems; repetition, if needed, of the training process regarding the way of use and the benefits of the system
  •  Making and supporting optimum, long-term-oriented relationships with our clients, respecting the principle 'earning to earning'
  •  Ensuring fidelity and developing the clients' portofolio
  •  Increase of already existing accounts through gradual introduction of new services
  •  Promotion of PROFITTOOL system in the Romanian business environment in order to make the market aware of it
  •  Promotion of PROFITTOOL image by performing the services with professionalism, as well as through the consultant's prestige and personal qualities


  •  University degree
  •  A PC connected to Internet

  •  Relevant work experience. Candidates with work experience between 5 and 20 years will be preferred
  •  Previous sales and/or consultancy experience is an advantage
  •  Work experience on your own
  •  PC and Internet skills
  •  Familiarity with the local business environment
  •  Good general knowledge and ability to carry on a conversation with a decision person in a company
  •  Driving licence (personal car is an advantage)
Compulsory features:
  •  Entrepreneurial structure
  •  Motivation for independent activities that allow direct connection between results and performance
  •  Client-oriented policy
  •  Intercommunication special abilities
  •  Emotionally balanced
  •  Self-trust
  •  Tolerance in frustration matters, capacity of fighting and over-passing repeatedly refusal/failure situations
  •  Easiness, clarity and coherence in speech
  •  Initiative, positive attitude, perseverance, tenacity
  •  Interested in own as well as in others' professional development
  •  Organization capacity and term-respecting skills
  •  Correctness
  •  Professionalism
  •  Agreeable aspect and presence, adequate to the business environment
If you fulfill at least 90% from the above-mentioned requirements and you are motivated by our offer, send your updated CV at office@businessinfo.ro. Our Human Resources Department will analyze your application and, if you fit our criteria for a certain area of activity you will be invited for an interview.

Offer (bonuses, benefits)

Being a PROFITTOOL CONSULTANT is difficult, you need special physical and mental resources; our system offers instead the possibility to earn over a medium income, fact constantly confirmed along the years by our sales team's performers.

Obtaining special results depends upon the capacity of over-passing the inherent difficulties in the stage of a beginner; it is expected that during 6-9 months the report effort/results correspond to the consultant's portofolio's potential, fact which is explained by the necessary time to achieve the skills you need to conclude contracts.

The financial offer is mainly based upon a significant commission from the cashed-value of the contracts concluded by the Consultant.

The relationship Consultant - Business Development Media SRL is established under a contract of providing services. Our company ensures for the consultant a number of clients to begin with, the perspective of a long-term career, training and specialty materials...

In order to attract new candidates to harmoniously complete our team, we are open to negotiations concerning certain conditions and contract forms of mutually favorable cooperation, in terms of, amongst others, the specificity of the future activity domain. According to the context and to the level of skills of each candidate, we can identify together alternative ways, individually adequate.

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