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CPV Products and services list
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Agricultural supplies; Animal hair; Animal products; Apples; Apples, pears and quinces; Apricots; Artichokes; Avocados;

Bananas; Barley; Beans; Beetroot; Berry fruit; Beverage crops; Broad beans; Broccoli; Brussels sprouts; Bulls' semen;

Cabbage; Cabbage vegetables; Calves; Carrots; Cattle; Cattle and their products; Cauliflower; Cereals; Cereals and other crops; Cherries; Chick peas; Citrus fruit; Cocoa beans; Coconuts; Coffee beans; Cotton; Cotton seeds; Courgettes; Cranberries; Crops, products of market gardening and horticulture; Cucumbers; Currants; Cut flowers;

Dates; Dried leguminous vegetables; Dried leguminous vegetables and pulses; Dried peas; Durum wheat;

Edible products of animal origin; Eggs;

Farm animals and their products; Figs; Flax; Floral arrangements; Flower seeds; Forage; Fresh cows' milk; Fresh milk from sheep and goats; Fruit and nuts; Fruit seeds; Fruit vegetables; Fruit, nuts, beverage and spice crops;

Garden peas; Goats; Goats' milk; Gooseberries; Grain products; Grapefruit; Grapes; Green beans;

Hares; Horses; Horticultural products;


Kiwi fruit;

Latex products; Leaf vegetables; Lemons; Lentils; Lettuce; Limes; Live animals and animal products; Live bovine cattle; Live plants, bulbs, roots, cuttings and slips; Live poultry; Live poultry and eggs; Livestock;

Maize; Malt; Mange-tout; Mangoes; Maté; Mushrooms; Mustard seeds;

Natural honey; Natural latex; Natural rubber; Natural rubber and latex and associated products; Non-tropical fruit;

Oats; Oil seeds and oleaginous fruit; Olives; Onions; Oranges;

Peaches; Peanuts; Pears; Peas; Peppers; Pigs; Pineapples; Plants used for fungicidal or similar purposes; Plants used for insecticidal purposes; Plants used for sugar manufacturing; Plants used in perfumery; Plants used in perfumery or pharmacy, or for insecticidal or similar purposes; Plants used in pharmacy; Plants used in specific fields; Plums; Potatoes; Potatoes and dried vegetables; Products of mixed farming; Pulses;


Rabbits; Rabbits and hares; Raisins; Raspberries; Raw vegetable materials; Raw vegetable materials used in textile production; Rice; Root and tuber vegetables; Root vegetables; Runner beans; Rye;

Salad leaves; Seeds of plants used in specific fields; Sesame seeds; Sheep; Sheep's milk; Shorn wool; Small live animals and their products; Snails; Soft wheat; Soya beans; Spinach; Stone fruit; Straw; Straw and forage; Strawberries; Sugar beet; Sugar cane; Sunflower seeds;

Table grapes; Tangerines; Tea bushes; Tomatoes; Tropical fruit; Tropical fruit and nuts; Tuber vegetables; Turnips;

Unmanufactured tobacco; Unprocessed spices;

Vegetable seeds; Vegetables; Vegetables, horticultural products and nursery products;

Waxes; Wheat; Wine grapes; Wool and animal hair;

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