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CPV Products and services list
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Anchovies; Animal fats; Animal feedstuffs; Animal hides; Animal or vegetable oils; Animal or vegetable oils and fats; Animal products, meat and meat products; Animal skins; Animal wool, hides and skins; Apple juice; Apricot jam; Ass, mule or hinny meat; Assorted dairy products;

Baby food; Bacon; Baked beans; Bakery products; Baking mixes; Baking powder; Beans in tomato sauce; Beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables; Beef; Beef and veal products; Beef carcasses; Beef cuts; Beef meatballs; Beef sausages; Beefburgers; Beefsteak; Beer; Beverages; Bird skins and feathers; Black pudding and other blood sausages; Black tea; Blackberry jam; Blackcurrant jam; Blue cheese; Boiled sweets; Bovine meat; Bran; Bread; Bread products; Bread products, fresh pastry goods and cakes; Breadmaking flour; Brewing or distilling dregs; Broken rice; Broths; Butter; Buttermilk;

Cake mixes; Cakes; Canned asparagus; Canned goods; Canned mushrooms; Canned olives; Canned or tinned fish and other prepared or preserved fish; Canned pasta; Canned peas; Canned salmon; Canned sauerkraut; Canned shelled beans; Canned tomatoes; Canned tuna; Canned vegetables; Canned whole beans; Casein; Caviar; Caviar and caviar substitutes; Caviar substitutes; Cereal flour; Cereal grain products; Cereal or vegetable flour and related products; Cereal products; Cheddar cheese; Cheese products; Cheese spreads; Cherry jam; Chicken cuts; Chickens; Chips or french fries; Chocolate; Chocolate and sugar confectionery; Chocolate bars; Chocolate milk; Chocolate products; Chutney; Cider; Cider and other fruit wines; Clotted cream; Coated fish preparations; Coated, canned or tinned fish; Cocoa; Cocoa butter, fat or oil; Cocoa paste; Cocoa; chocolate and sugar confectionery; Coconut oil; Coffee; Coffee substitutes; Coffee, tea and related products; Concentrated juices; Concentrated orange juice; Concentrated tomato purée; Condensed milk; Condiments and seasonings; Confectionery; Cooking oil; Corn flour; Corn oil; Corned beef; Cornflakes; Cottage cheese; Couscous; Cream; Crispbread; Croissants; Crude animal or vegetable oils and fats; Crumpets; Custard powder;

Dairy products; Decaffeinated coffee; Deep-frozen products; Delicatessen; Dessert mixes; Desserts; Diced, sliced and other frozen potatoes; Dietetic products; Distilled alcoholic beverages; Double cream; Dried fish; Dried fruit; Dried or salted fish; fish in brine; smoked fish; Dried, salted, smoked or seasoned meat; Drinking chocolate; Dry fodder; Dry goods; Duck, goose and guinea-fowl cuts; Ducks;

Edible fats;

Farinaceous products; Fast-food products; Fats; Feta cheese; Field rations; Fish fillets; Fish fillets, fish livers and roe; Fish fingers; Fish food; Fish in brine; Fish livers; Fish roe; Fish soups; Flans; Flavoured mineral waters; Flavoured potato crisps; Flavoured yoghurt; Foie gras; Food mixes; Fresh cheese; Fresh fish fillets; Fresh or frozen vegetables; Fresh poultry, whole animals; Frogs' legs; Frozen crustaceans; Frozen fish; Frozen fish fillets; Frozen fish products; Frozen fish steaks; Frozen fish, fish fillets and other fish meat; Frozen potatoes; Frozen vegetables; Fructose; Fructose and fructose products; Fructose preparations; Fructose solutions; Fructose syrup; Fruit and vegetable juices; Fruit and vegetables; Fruit jellies; Fruit juices; Fruit pastes; Fruit purées; Fruit squashes; Fruit wines; Fruit, nuts or fruit peel preserved by sugar; Fruit, vegetables and related products; Frying oil; Full-cream milk;

Game; Gammon; Geese; Ginger; Glucose; Glucose and glucose products; Glucose and glucose products; fructose and fructose products; Glucose syrup; Goat meat; Grain mill products; Grain mill products, starches and starch products; Grape juice; Grape must; Grapefruit juice; Grated cheese; Grated, powdered, blue-veined and other cheese; Gravy mixes; Green tea; Groats; Groundnut oil;

Ham; Hamburgers; Hard cheese; Hare meat; Herbal infusions; Herbs; Herbs and spices; Homogenised food preparations; Honey; Horse, ass, mule or hinny meat; Horsemeat; Hospital meals; Husked rice; Hydrogenated or esterified oils or fats;

Ice; Ice-cream; Ice-cream and similar products; Instant mashed potatoes;

Jams; Jams and marmalades; fruit jellies; fruit or nut purée and pastes;

Lactose or lactose syrup; Lager; Lamb; Lamb and mutton; Lasagne; Leaf and cabbage vegetables; Lemon juice; Lemon marmalade; Liqueurs; Liquid margarine; Liver preparations; Liver sausages; Long-grain rice;

Macaroni; Mackerel; Madeira; Malt beer; Maple sugar and maple syrup; Margarine; Margarine and similar preparations; Marmalades; Mayonnaise; Meat; Meat preparations; Meat preserves and preparations; Meat products; Meat soups; Meatballs; Melons; Milk; Milk and cream; Milk powder; Milled rice; Minced beef; Mineral water; Miscellaneous food products; Miscellaneous food products n.e.c. and dried goods; Mixed condiments; Mixed soups; Mixes for stocks; Mixes for the preparation of baker's wares; Mixtures of unconcentrated juices; Molasses; Morning goods; Muesli; Mustard; Mutton;

Non-alcoholic beverages; Non-decaffeinated coffee; Non-distilled fermented beverages; Noodles; Nougat; Nut pastes;

Oat mix; Offal; Oil-cake; Olive oil; Orange juice; Orange marmalade;

Parmesan cheese; Part-fried potato chips; Pasta products; Pasteurised milk; Pastry flour; Pastry goods; Pastry goods and cakes; Paté; Peanut butter; Pepper; Pet food; Pies; Pigeons; Pineapple juice; Plain flour; Pork; Pork carcasses; Pork chops; Pork products; Pork sausages; Port; Potato crisps; Potato croquettes; Potato products; Potato snacks; Potatoes and potato products; Poultry; Poultry cuts; Poultry livers; Poultry products; Poultry sausages; Preparations of fish; Preparations of goose or duck liver; Preparations of tea or maté; Prepared and preserved fish; Prepared animal feeds for farm and other animals; Prepared bread products; Prepared breakfast cereals; Prepared dishes; Prepared fish dishes; Prepared meals; Prepared or preserved crustaceans; Prepared or preserved herring; Prepared pasta; Prepared pasta and couscous; Prepared pork dishes; Prepared sandwiches; Preserved and/or canned vegetables; Preserved fish; Preserved fruits; Preserved tomatoes; Processed apples; Processed bananas; Processed beans; Processed cabbage; Processed currants; Processed food products; Processed fruit; Processed fruit and nuts; Processed mushrooms; Processed nuts; Processed olives; Processed pears; Processed peas; Processed peppers; Processed potatoes; Processed pulses; Processed raisins; Processed rice; Processed root vegetables; Processed tomatoes; Processed tuber vegetables; Processed vegetables; Provisionally preserved vegetables; Puffed wheat;

Rabbit meat; Raspberry jam; Reduced or low-fat spreads; Refined fats; Refined oils; Refined oils and fats; Rhubarb; Rice flour; Roasted coffee; Roasted or salted nuts; Rolled oats; Rolls; Rusks; Rusks and biscuits; preserved pastry goods and cakes;

Salami; Salt; Salted fish; Sandwich fillings; Sandwich spreads; Sandwiches; Sardines; Sauces; Sauces, mixed condiments and mixed seasonings; Sausage meat; Sausage products; Sausage-meat products; Sausages; Savoury pies; School meals; Seafood; Self-raising flour; Semi-skimmed milk; Semolina; Sesame oil; Shellfish products; Sherry; Single cream; Skimmed milk; Smoked fish; Smoked herring; Smoked salmon; Smoked trout; Snacks; Snow; Soft cheese; Soft drinks; Solid residues of vegetable fats or oils; Sorbet; Soup mixes; Soups; Soups and broths; Soya sauce; Soybean sprouts; Spaghetti; Sparkling mineral water; Sparkling wine; Special nutritional products; Spices; Spirits; Spirituous beverages; Split peas; Starches; Starches and starch products; Sterilised milk; Still mineral water; Stocks; Strawberry jam; Stuffed pasta; Sugar; Sugar and related products; Sugar products; Sugar syrups; Sugar-manufacture waste; Sultanas; Sweet biscuits; Sweet corn; Sweet pies; Sweetened cocoa powder;

Table cheese; Table wine; Tapioca; Tea; Teabags; Thickeners; Toasted bread; Toasted bread products; Toasted bread products and pastry goods; Tomato juice; Tomato ketchup; Tomato purée; Tomato sauce; Truffles; Turkey cuts; Turkeys;

UHT milk; Uncooked pasta; Unflavoured wines; Unflavoured yoghurt; Unsweetened cocoa powder;

Various meats; Veal; Veal cuts; Vegan packs; Vegetable by-products; Vegetable extracts; Vegetable fats; Vegetable flour and meal; Vegetable juices; Vegetable oils; Vegetable saps; Vegetable saps, extracts, peptic substances and thickeners; Vegetable soups; Vegetable waxes; Vegetables preserved in vinegar; Vending-machine ingredients; Vermouth; Vinegar; Vinegar and vinegar substitutes; Vinegar substitutes; Vinegar; sauces; mixed condiments; mustard flour and meal; prepared mustard;

Water in solid form; Wheat flour; Whey; Whipping cream; White sugar; Wholemeal flour; Wine lees; Wines; Wool;

Yeast; Yoghurt; Yoghurt and other fermented milk products;

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