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CPV Products and services list
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Artificial textile fibres; Awnings;

Bed linen; Blankets; Blankets and travelling rugs; Blinds; Bolstercases; Braids;

Camouflage covers; Camp beds; Canvas; Canvas items; Cardigans; Carpet tiles; Carpeting; Carpets; Carpets, mats and rugs; Cleaning cloths; Cloth; Cordage; Cordage, rope, twine and netting; Cotton yarn; Crocheted fabrics; Curtain fabrics; Curtains; Curtains, drapes, valances and textile blinds; Cushions;

Denim; Dirigible parachutes; Dishcloths; Dishtowels; Drapes; Dusters; Duvet covers;

Eiderdowns; Epaulettes;

Face cloths; Felt; Filter elements of cloth; Fire blankets; Flax yarn; Furnishing articles;

Goods-packing bags; Goods-packing sacks;

Hosiery; Hospital linen;

Impregnated, coated or covered textile fabrics; Industrial carpeting; Insignia; Interior blinds;

Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats and similar articles;

Kitbags; Knitted fabrics; Knitted or crocheted fabrics; Knitting yarn; Knitwear, hosiery and related articles; Knotted carpeting; Knotted nets;

Laundry bags; Life belts; Life jackets; Linen; Linen fabrics; Lining fabrics;

Made-up textile articles; Mail or parcel bags; Mats; Mattress covers; Metallised yarn; Miscellaneous cordage, rope, twine and netting; Miscellaneous manufactured textile articles; Miscellaneous textile articles; Mixed woven fabrics; Mosquito nets;

Narrow-woven fabrics; trimmings; Natural textile fibres; Net fabrics; Non-woven articles; Non-woven fabrics;

Operating-theatre drapes; Operating-theatre sheets; Ornamental trimmings;

Parachutes; Pile; Pile fabrics; Pillowcases; Pillows; Pneumatic mattresses; Polishing cloths; Poplin; Post pouches; Pullovers; Pullovers, cardigans and similar articles;

Quilted textile products;

Rags; Ribbon; Roller towels; Rope; Rotochutes; Rucksacks; Rugs;

Sacks and bags; Sails; Sewing thread; Sewing thread and yarn of natural fibres; Sheets; Silk yarn; Sleeping bags; Sleeping bags filled with feathers or down; Slings; Smoke curtains; Socks; Soft furnishings; Special fabrics; Sports bags; Stockings; String; Sunblinds; Sweatshirts; Synthetic knitting yarn; Synthetic sewing thread; Synthetic thread; Synthetic woven fabrics; Synthetic yarn; Synthetic yarn or thread;

Table linen; Table napkins; Tablecloths; Tarpaulins; Tarpaulins, awnings and sunblinds; Tarpaulins, sails for boats, sailboards or land craft, awnings, sunblinds, tents and camping goods; Tents; Terry towelling; Textile articles; Textile articles for technical uses; Textile badges; Textile bags; Textile blinds; Textile camping goods; Textile conveyor belts; Textile fabrics and related items; Textile hosepiping; Textile household articles; Textile labels; Textile labels and badges; Textile nets; Textile tape; Textile wadding; Textile wadding, yarns, fabrics and articles for technical uses; Textile waste; Textile yarn and thread; Textile yarn and thread of natural fibres; Ticking; Tights; Tights, stockings and socks; Toilet and kitchen linen; Towels; Travel bags; Travelling rugs; Tufted carpeting; Tulle, lace, narrow-woven fabrics, trimmings and embroidery; Twine; Twine, cordage and rope;

Upholstery fabrics;

Valances; Vegetable textile-fibre yarn; Venetian blinds; Ventilation ducting; Vertical blinds;

Waistcoats; Webbing; Webbing straps; Wool yarn; Woollen fabrics; Woven carpeting; Woven fabrics; Woven fabrics of cotton; Woven fabrics of metal thread;

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