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CPV Products and services list
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Air-sickness bags; Art and craft paper;

Box files, letter trays, storage boxes and similar articles;

Carbon paper; Carbon paper, self-copy paper, paper duplicator stencils and carbonless paper; Carbonless paper; Cartons, boxes or cases; Chemical wood pulp; Cigarette paper; Cigarette paper and filter paper; Composite paper and paperboard; Containers of paper and paperboard; Continuous forms; Continuous paper for computer printers; Corrugated paper or paperboard;

Disposable nappies; Disposable paper products; Drawing paper;

Embossed or perforated paper; Embossed or perforated printing paper; Embossed or perforated writing paper; Envelopes; Envelopes, letter cards and plain postcards;

Filter paper;

Glassine paper; Greaseproof paper; Greaseproof paper and other paper items; Gummed or adhesive paper;

Hand-made paper or paperboard; Heat-sensitive paper or paperboard; Hospital paper articles; Household and hospital paper articles;


Letter cards;

Multi-ply paper and paperboard;

Newsprint, handmade paper and other uncoated paper or paperboard for graphic purposes;

Paper and paperboard; Paper bags; Paper compresses; Paper duplicator stencils; Paper for maps; Paper for newsprint; Paper hand towels; Paper handkerchiefs; Paper napkin liners; Paper or paperboard articles; Paper or paperboard boxes; Paper sacks; Paper sacks and bags; Paper sanitary or hospital articles; Paper serviettes; Paper stationery and other items; Paper sterilisation pouches or wraps; Paper- or paperboard-based floor coverings; Paper- or paperboard-based wall coverings; Photo-sensitive paper or paperboard; Photo-sensitive, heat-sensitive or thermographic paper and paperboard; Photocopier paper; Photocopier paper and xerographic paper; Plain postcards; Printing paper; Processed paper and paperboard; Pulp; Pulp, paper and paperboard;

Sanitary paper products; Sanitary towels or tampons; Self-adhesive paper; Self-copy or other copy paper; Self-copy paper;

Textile wall coverings; Thermographic paper; Thermographic paper or paperboard; Toilet paper; Toilet paper, handkerchiefs, hand towels and serviettes; Toilet-tissue, kraftliner and other paper and paperboard; Tracing paper; Transparent or translucent paper;

Wallpaper; Wallpaper and other coverings; Waste and scrap of paper and paperboard; Wood pulp; Writing paper;

Xerographic paper;

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