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CPV Products and services list
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Abrasive powder or grain; Abrasive products; Artificial corundum; Artificial graphite;

Baths; Bidets;

Cathode-ray tubes; Ceramic articles for use in agriculture; Ceramic articles for use in agriculture, horticulture and the conveyance or packing of goods; Ceramic articles for use in horticulture; Ceramic articles for use in the conveyance or packing of goods; Ceramic blocks; Ceramic cups and saucers; Ceramic flags; Ceramic glassware; Ceramic household articles; Ceramic insulating fittings; Ceramic insulators; Ceramic insulators and insulating fittings; Ceramic kitchenware; Ceramic tableware; Ceramic tiles; Curtain-wall glazing;

Decanters; Dishes; Drinking glasses;

Fibreglass; Fibreglass articles; Fibreglass cloths; Fibreglass fabrics; Fibreglass mats; Flat glass; Float glass; Flower bowls;

Glass; Glass ampoules; Glass and glass products; Glass balls; Glass balls, rods or tubes; Glass beads; Glass bottles; Glass bottles, jars, phials and containers; Glass containers; Glass electrical insulators; Glass envelopes; Glass envelopes and cathode-ray tubes; Glass for clocks; Glass for clocks, watches or spectacles; Glass for street furniture; Glass for watches; Glass inners for vacuum flasks; Glass inners for vacuum vessels; Glass jars; Glass mirrors; Glass nameplates; Glass parts for lamps; Glass parts for lamps and lighting fittings, signs and nameplates; Glass parts for street lighting; Glass phials; Glass rods; Glass signs; Glass spectacles; Glass tableware; Glass tubes; Glassware; Globes; Grinding wheels; Grindstones;

Hollow-glass articles; Household sanitary ceramic fixtures; Hygienic glassware;

Insulating glass;

Laboratory glassware; Laboratory, hygienic or pharmaceutical glassware; Lavatory bowls; Lavatory bowls and cisterns; Lavatory cisterns;

Millstones; Millstones, grindstones and grinding wheels; Miscellaneous ceramic articles; Miscellaneous non-metallic mineral products; Moulded-glass paving blocks, bricks or tiles;

Non-porcelain or china ceramic tableware, kitchenware, and household and toiletry articles; Non-refractory ceramic goods and refractory ceramic products; Non-structural ceramic articles;

Optical elements of glass; Ornamental ceramic articles;

Petri dishes; Pharmaceutical glassware; Plates; Porcelain or china ceramic wares for chemical use; Porcelain or china ceramic wares for laboratory use; Porcelain or china ceramic wares for laboratory, chemical or technical uses; Porcelain or china ceramic wares for technical use; Porcelain or china cups and saucers; Porcelain or china dishes; Porcelain or china flower bowls; Porcelain or china household articles; Porcelain or china kitchenware; Porcelain or china plates; Porcelain or china tableware; Porcelain or china tableware, kitchenware, and household and toiletry articles; Porcelain or china toiletry articles; Processed glassware;

Refractory cement; Refractory cement, mortar and concrete; Refractory ceramic goods; Refractory concrete; Refractory mortar;

Safety glass; Semi-finished glass; Shaped flat glass; Sheet glass; Signalling glassware; Sinks; Sinks and washbasins;

Table and kitchen glass-ceramic objects; Technical ceramic wares; Technical glass; Test tubes; Toughened glassware;

Unworked glass; Urinals;


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