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CPV Products and services list
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Alloy steel angles, shapes and sections; Alloy wire; Aluminium and aluminium products; Aluminium bars, rods and profiles; Aluminium foil; Aluminium oxide; Aluminium products; Aluminium sheets; Aluminium tube or pipe fittings; Aluminium tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings; Aluminium wire; Angles, shapes and sections; Ash and residue containing zinc or lead; Ash and residues containing aluminium; Ash and residues containing copper; Ash and residues containing metals;

Bars and rods; Base metals clad with platinum; Base metals clad with silver or gold; Basic iron and steel; Basic metals; Bends, tees and pipe fittings; Brass pipes and tubes; Brass tube or pipe fittings;

Carbon brushes; Carbon-steel line pipe; Carbon-steel products; Carbon-steel tubing; Chairs and chair wedges; Cold drawn products; Cold-rolled products; Copper bars, rods and profiles; Copper foil; Copper pipes and tubes; Copper plates, sheets and strip; Copper products; Copper tube or pipe fittings; Copper tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings; Copper wire; Couplings; Current-conducting rails;

Ferro-alloys; Ferro-chromium; Ferro-manganese; Ferro-manganese products; Ferro-nickel; Ferrous products; Fishplates and sole plates; Flange adaptors; Flanges; Flat-rolled products; Flat-rolled products of iron; Flat-rolled products of steel; Folded products; Folded products of iron; Folded products of steel; Forged iron products;

Gunmetal pipe fittings;

Hollow profiles; Hot-rolled bars and rods; Hot-rolled railway materials;

Iron; Iron and steel products; Iron ingots; Iron or steel granules and powders; Iron or steel rails; Iron or steel railway-track construction materials; Iron pipes and tubes; Iron rails; Iron railway-track construction materials; Iron tubes and fittings;

Lead; Lead bars, rods, profiles and wire; Lead plates, sheets, strip and foil; Lead powders and flakes; Lead tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings; Lead, zinc and tin; Lead, zinc and tin products;

Metals clad with precious metals;

Nickel bars, rods, profiles and wire; Nickel plates, sheets, strip and foil; Nickel powders and flakes; Nickel products; Nickel sheets; Nickel tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings; Non-cast tube fittings; Non-ECSC ferro-alloys; Non-ferrous metal products; Non-tubular electric conduit;

Pig iron; Powders and flakes of aluminium; Powders and flakes of copper; Precious metals; Precious metals and metals clad with precious metals;

Rail clips, bedplates and ties; Railway-track construction materials; Railway-track construction materials of iron or steel; Railway-track construction supplies; Remelted scrap ingots; Repair clamps and collars; Rolled check rails; Rolled fishplates and sole plates; Rolled sleepers and cross-ties;

Semi-finished aluminium products; Semi-finished products; Semi-finished products of copper; Semi-finished products of iron; Semi-finished products of lead; Semi-finished products of lead, zinc or tin; Semi-finished products of nickel; Semi-finished products of stainless-steel; Semi-finished products of steel; Semi-finished products of tin; Semi-finished products of zinc; Semi-manufactured silver; Silver powder; Slag, dross, ferrous waste and scrap; Stainless-steel products; Steel; Steel alloy bars and rods; Steel alloy ingots; Steel rails; Steel railway-track construction materials; Steel tubes and fittings; Steel wire; Switch blades, crossing frogs, point rods and crossing pieces;

Threaded tube fittings; Tin; Tin bars, rods, profiles and wire; Tin plates, sheets, strip and foil; Tin powders and flakes; Tin tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings; Tube fittings; Tubes; Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles;

Unrefined copper; Unwrought aluminium; Unwrought copper; Unwrought nickel; Unwrought or powdered gold; Unwrought or powdered platinum; Unwrought or powdered silver; Unwrought refined copper; Unwrought semi-precious products; Unwrought silver;

Various pipe fittings;

Waste and scrap of aluminium; Waste and scrap of copper; Waste and scrap of lead, zinc or tin; Waste and scrap of nickel; Waste and scrap of precious metals; Welded elbows and bends; Welded fittings; Welded iron or steel angles, shapes and sections for railways; Wire; Wire and miscellaneous products;

Zinc; Zinc bars, rods, profiles and wire; Zinc dust, powders and flakes; Zinc plates, sheets, strip and foil; Zinc tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings;

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