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CPV Products and services list
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Access control system; Access platforms; Access ramps; Accessories for vacuum cleaners; Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation; Agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery; Air compressors; Air dryers; Air filters; Air heaters; Air pumps; Air-conditioning installations; Air-inlet systems; Air-intake filters; Air-traffic control equipment; Airport equipment; Ammunition; Ammunition for light firearms; Ammunition for light firearms of 7-mm calibre or more; Ammunition for light firearms of calibre less than 7 mm; Anechoic chamber; Angle-dozers; Apparatus for filtering or purifying beverages; Armoured fighting vehicles; Armoured-faced conveyors (AFCS) for mining; Assemblies of valves; Automatic goods-vending machines; Auxiliary plant for use with boilers;

Bacon slicers; Baggage-handling equipment; Baggage-handling system; Balances; Ball valves; Bar-code scanning equipment; Base plates; Bath lifts; Bearing housings; Bee-keeping machinery; Belt-type continuous-action elevators or conveyors; Bending, folding, straightening or flattening machines; Bin-lifts; Blacksmiths' equipment; Blades; Blow-out prevention (BOP) apparatus; Boiler installations; Boiling rings; Bombs; Bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines and missiles; Book-sewing machinery; Bookbinding machinery; Boring machinery; Brazing equipment; Bread-slicing machines; Bridge cranes; Bridge plugs; Bridge-suspension equipment; Bucket-type, continuous-action elevators or conveyors; Buckets, shovels, grabs and grips for cranes or excavators; Built-in jacking systems; Bulldozers; Butterfly valves;

Cable-laying machinery; Calendering machines; Cam shafts; Can openers; Canteen equipment; Capstans; Car-park control equipment; Carousel storage and retrieval machines; Cartridges for shotguns; Casing hangers; Casings; Casting machines; Catering equipment; Cement mixers; Central-heating equipment; Central-heating radiator valves; Centrifugal compressors; Centrifugal cream separators; Centrifugal pumps; Centrifugal pumps and liquid elevators; Centrifuges; Centrifuges, calendering or vending machines; Chairlifts; Check valves; Checkweigher scales; Chemical industry machinery; Chest-type freezers; Chippers; Chlorinators; Choke manifolds; Christmas trees and other assemblies of valves; Civil engineering machinery; Clothes-washing and drying machines; Clutches; CNC lathe; Coal or rock cutters and tunnelling machinery, and boring or sinking machinery; Coal or rock-cutting machinery; Coal pulverizing mills; Coin press; Command and control system; Commercial ovens; Commercial refrigerating equipment; Comminutors; Compacting machinery; Compressed-air dryers; Compressed-air package; Compression equipment; Compressors; Compressors for refrigerating equipment; Compressors for use in civil aircraft; Concrete or mortar mixers; Concrete pumps; Condenser air-cooling systems; Construction equipment; Construction machinery; Container cranes; Container-handling equipment; Control systems; Control tower equipment; Control valves; Controller unit; Conveyor belts; Conveyor equipment; Conveyors; Cooking ovens; Cooking ovens, dryers for agricultural products and equipment for cooking or heating; Cooling and ventilation equipment; Cooling equipment; Cooling pumps; Cooling-water pumps; Cranes; Cranes for trucks; Cranes, mobile lifting frames and works trucks fitted with a crane; Crank shafts; Cremators; Crossheads; Crossovers;

Dairy machinery; Dampers; De-aeration apparatus; Decontamination equipment; Dehumidifiers; Depot system; Desalination apparatus; Diaphragm valves; Die-stamping machines; Digital remote-control unit; Directed-energy weapons; Dishwashing machines; Disinfection equipment; Dismantling equipment; Dispatch system; Dispensers; Distilling, filtering or rectifying apparatus; Docking installations; Domestic appliances; Domestic cooking appliances; Domestic cooking or heating equipment; Dosing plant; Dosing pumps; Downhole equipment; Drainage equipment; Drilling equipment; Drilling jars; Drilling machinery; Drilling rig; Drilling-mud filtering apparatus; Drills; Drinks dispensers; Dry-cleaning machines; Dryers for agricultural products; Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard; Drying and pressing unit; Drying machines;

Earthmoving and excavating machinery, and associated parts; Earthmoving machinery; Electric coffee makers; Electric heating resistors; Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters; Electric irons; Electric ovens; Electric soil-heating apparatus; Electric space-heating apparatus; Electric tea makers; Electric toasters; Electric valve actuators; Electric welding equipment; Electrical domestic appliances; Electrical domestic appliances for cleaning; smoothing irons; Electrical domestic appliances for use with foodstuffs; Electrical domestic appliances for use with the human body; Electromagnetic absorbent material; Electrostatic air and gas cleaners; Electrothermic appliances; Elevators and conveyors; Emergency and security equipment; Engraving machines; Equipment for emergency vehicles; Equipment for swimming pools; Equipment sets; Escalators; Excavating machinery; Extraction ventilators;

Fans; Faraday cage; Ferry ramps; Fertiliser distributors; Film printing system; Filtering apparatus; Filtration plant equipment; Fire-extinguishers; Fire-extinguishers, spray guns, steam or sand blasting machines; Firearms; Firefighting and rescue equipment; Firefighting equipment; Firefighting materials; Flame throwers; Flap valves; Flare tip removal equipment; Flexible-working-hours equipment; Floating dock; Floating storage unit; Flood-control valves; Floor polishers; Floor-cleaning machines; Floor-maintenance machines; Flywheels and pulleys; Foam packages; Food blenders; Food mixers; Food processors; Food, beverage and tobacco-processing machinery; Food-cutting machines; Food-preparation equipment; Food-processing machinery; Forging machines; Fork-lift trucks; Fork-lift trucks, works trucks, railway-station platforms tractors; Foundry mould-forming machinery; Foundry moulds; Free-steered vehicles (FSVS); Freezers; Freezing equipment; Front-end shovel loaders; Front-end shovel loaders with back-hoe; Front-end shovel loaders without back-hoe; Fuel pumps; Fuel-gas systems; Furnace burners; Fusion equipment; Fusion equipment for plastics;

Gantries; Gas appliances; Gas compressors; Gas engine; Gas filters; Gas generators; Gas guns; Gas heaters; Gas network equipment; Gas pressure equipment; Gas refrigerators; Gas turbines; Gas-cylinder outlet valves; Gas-dispersing apparatus; Gas-injection module; Gate valves; Gears and gearing; Gears, gearing and driving elements; General-purpose machinery; Globe valves; Goods lifts; Goods-handling platforms; Graders and levellers; Graphics workstations; Grenades; Grills; Grinding machines; Grounds-maintenance equipment;

Hair clippers; Hair dryers; Hairdressing appliances; Hand-drying apparatus; Hand-held electromechanical tools; Harbour cranes; Harbour equipment; Harrows, scarifiers, cultivators, weeders or hoes; Harvesting and threshing machinery; Harvesting machinery; Haymaking machinery; Heat pumps; Heat-exchange units; Heat-exchange units and machinery for liquefying air or other gases; Heat-exchange units, air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment, and filtering machinery; Heating equipment; Heavy firearms; Hectographs; Helicopter refuelling package; High-pressure cleaning apparatus; Hobs; Hoists; Horizontal-spindle machining centre; Hot-water boilers; Hotel equipment; Hotplates; Household freezers; HVAC packages; Hydrants; Hydraulic equipment; Hydraulic installations; Hydraulic jacks; Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders; Hydraulic or pneumatic power engines and motors; Hydraulic power engines; Hydraulic power motors; Hydraulic power packs; Hydraulic presses; Hydraulic turbines; Hydraulic valve actuators; Hydraulic-platforms hoists; Hydrocyclone machinery;

Impeller pumps; Industrial drill bits; Industrial equipment; Industrial freezers; Industrial kitchen equipment; Industrial machinery; Industrial or laboratory furnaces, incinerators and ovens; Industrial robots; Information-processing equipment; Instantaneous or storage non-electric water heaters; Iron roughnecks; Ironing machines; Ironing presses; Irrigation equipment;

Jacks and vehicle hoists;

Knife valves; Knitting machines;

Lathes; Lathes, boring and milling machine tools; Laundry washing, dry-cleaning and drying machines; Lawn or sports-ground rollers; Lawn, park or sports-ground mowers; Lawnmowers; Lifting and handling equipment; Lifting and handling equipment and parts; Lifting trucks; Lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery; Lifts; Lifts, skip hoists, hoists, escalators and moving walkways; Light catering equipment; Light firearms; Light firearms of 7-mm calibre or more; Light firearms of calibre less than 7 mm; Line equipment; Linen folding equipment; Linen ironing and folding equipment; Liner hanger equipment; Liner hangers; Liquid elevators; Liquid filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus; Loadbearing equipment; Loading equipment; Loading or handling machinery; Louvres; Lubricating oil systems; Lubricating pumps;

Macerators for the treatment of sewage; Machine tools; Machine tools for boring metal; Machine tools for drilling metal; Machine tools for drilling, boring or milling metal; Machine tools for finishing metals; Machine tools for milling metal; Machine tools for working bone; Machine tools for working ceramics; Machine tools for working concrete; Machine tools for working cork; Machine tools for working glass; Machine tools for working hard materials except metals; Machine tools for working hard plastics; Machine tools for working hard rubber; Machine tools for working stone; Machine tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete or glass; Machine tools for working wood; Machine tools for working wood, bone, cork, hard rubber or hard plastics; Machine tools operated by laser and machining centres; Machine-tool dividing special attachments; Machine-tool work holders; Machinery and apparatus for filtering liquids; Machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying gases; Machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying water; Machinery for cleaning bottles, packing and weighing and spraying machinery; Machinery for cleaning or drying bottles or other containers; Machinery for cleaning, filling, packing or wrapping bottles or other containers; Machinery for filling or closing bottles, cans or other containers; Machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing and associated parts; Machinery for liquefying air or other gases; Machinery for metallurgy and associated parts; Machinery for mining, quarrying and construction; Machinery for paper or paperboard production; Machinery for preparing animal feeding stuffs; Machinery for processing cereals or dried vegetables; Machinery for processing tobacco; Machinery for textile, apparel and leather production; Machinery for textiles; Machinery for the heat treatment of gas; Machinery for the heat treatment of materials; Machinery for the industrial preparation or manufacture of food or drink; Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power; Machinery for the treatment of sewage; Machinery for working rubber or plastics; Machinery used in the manufacture of alcoholic or fruit beverages; Machines for cleaning eggs; Machines for cleaning fruit; Machines for cleaning produce; Machines for cleaning the internal surface of pipelines; Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other produce; Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading seed, grain or dried vegetables; Machines for inspecting the internal surface of pipelines; Machines for mixing gravel with bitumen; Machines for processing man-made textile materials; Machines for sorting or grading eggs; Machines for sorting or grading fruit; Machines for sorting or grading produce; Machines for the production of plastic windows and frames; Machining centre; Magnetic-card system; Manure spreaders; Marine equipment; Meat slicers; Mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying; Mechanical excavators; Mechanical handling equipment; Mechanical jacks; Mechanical lifts; Mechanical rollers; Mechanical shovel loaders; Mechanical shovels; Mechanical shovels, excavators and shovel loaders, and mining machinery; Metal detectors; Metal-rolling machinery; Metal-spraying machinery; Metal-working machine tools; Metal-working machining centre; Microwave ovens; Military weapons; Milking machines; Milling machines; Mine-wagon pushers and locomotive or wagon traversers; Mineral-processing and foundry mould-forming machinery; Mineral-processing machinery; Mines; Mining equipment; Miscellaneous equipment; Miscellaneous equipment n.e.c.; Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery; Miscellaneous special-purpose machinery; Missiles; Mixer units; Mobile hydraulic-powered mine roof supports; Mobile lifting frames; Moisture separators; Moles; Monorail or ski-lift equipment; Mortars; Motorised tanks; Motorised tanks and armoured fighting vehicles; Motors; Mounted air compressors; Moving walkways; Mowers; Mudline suspension equipment; Multi-functional equipment;

Navigation equipment; Needle valves; Non-domestic dishwashing machines; Non-domestic floor polishers; Non-domestic vacuum cleaners; Non-domestic vacuum cleaners and floor polishers; Non-electric air heaters or hot air-distributors; Non-electric domestic appliances; Non-electric welding equipment; Non-return valves; Nuclear safety equipment; Nuclear-reactor protection system; Numerically-controlled machines for metal; Nutritional pumps;

Odour-masking apparatus; Office automation equipment; Offset printing machinery; Offshore drilling unit; Offshore equipment; Offshore production platforms; Oil drilling equipment; Oil filters; Oil platform equipment; Oil, petrol and air-intake filters; Oil-field machinery; Oil-rig Christmas trees; Outboard motors for marine propulsion; Ovens; Overhead monorail equipment; Overhead travelling cranes; Oxygenation equipment; Ozone generators;

Packaging machines; Packing or wrapping machinery; Pallet-picking system; Pallet-retrieving system; Paper, printing and bookbinding machinery and parts; Park and playground equipment; Parts and accessories for hard material-working machine tools; Parts and accessories for metal-working machine tools; Parts and accessories of machine tools; Parts for boring machinery; Parts for well-drilling machinery; Parts of agricultural and forestry machinery; Parts of agricultural machinery; Parts of air compressors; Parts of air or vacuum pumps, of air or gas compressors; Parts of air pumps; Parts of air-conditioning machines; Parts of armoured fighting vehicles; Parts of belt conveyors; Parts of bucket conveyors; Parts of calendering machines; Parts of casting machines; Parts of centrifugal pumps; Parts of centrifuges; Parts of chain saws; Parts of cleaning machines; Parts of coal cutting machinery; Parts of coal or rock cutting machinery; Parts of concrete pumps; Parts of conveyors; Parts of cookers; Parts of cranes; Parts of dairy machinery; Parts of dishwashing machines; Parts of dishwashing machines and of machines for cleaning, filling, packing or wrapping; Parts of dosing pumps; Parts of driving elements; Parts of electrical domestic appliances; Parts of engines or motors; Parts of escalators; Parts of excavating machinery; Parts of fans; Parts of filling machines; Parts of filtering machinery; Parts of forestry machinery; Parts of freezing equipment; Parts of fuel pumps; Parts of fuel, hand and concrete pumps; Parts of furnace burners, furnaces or ovens; Parts of gas compressors; Parts of gas turbines; Parts of gearing and driving elements; Parts of gearing elements; Parts of general-purpose machinery; Parts of hand pumps; Parts of hand tools; Parts of heat pumps; Parts of hydraulic power engines or motors; Parts of hydraulic power packs; Parts of hydraulic turbines; Parts of lift, skip hoists or escalators; Parts of lifting and handling equipment; Parts of lifts; Parts of light firearms; Parts of light firearms of 7-mm calibre or more; Parts of light firearms of calibre less than 7 mm; Parts of machinery for beverage processing; Parts of machinery for food processing; Parts of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing; Parts of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction; Parts of machinery for paper or paperboard production; Parts of machinery for textile and apparel production; Parts of machinery for tobacco processing; Parts of metal-rolling machinery; Parts of military weapons; Parts of milking machines; Parts of mineral-processing machinery; Parts of mortars; Parts of motorised tanks; Parts of moving walkways; Parts of non-domestic floor polishers; Parts of non-domestic vacuum cleaners; Parts of packing machines; Parts of plate warmers; Parts of pneumatic engines; Parts of pneumatic tools; Parts of printing or bookbinding machinery; Parts of pumps or liquid elevators; Parts of pumps, compressors, engines or motors; Parts of purifying machinery; Parts of reaction engines; Parts of reciprocating positive-displacement pumps; Parts of refrigerating and freezing equipment and heat pumps; Parts of refrigerating equipment; Parts of rock cutting machinery; Parts of rocket launchers; Parts of rolling machines; Parts of rotary positive-displacement pumps; Parts of sinking machinery; Parts of skip hoists; Parts of spraying machines; Parts of steam turbines; Parts of stoves; Parts of stoves, cookers, plate warmers and domestic appliances; Parts of taps and valves; Parts of tunnelling machinery; Parts of turbines; Parts of vacuum pumps; Parts of water wheels; Parts of well-extraction machinery; Parts of winding gear and other lifting or handling equipment; Parts of works trucks; Parts of wrapping machines; Passenger walkway; Passenger-boarding stairs; Pasta-making machines; Paving machinery; Pedestal jib cranes; Pedestrian-controlled agricultural tractors; Penstock valves; Perfusion pumps; Petrol filters; Photocomposing system; Pick-up balers; Pile drivers; Pile extractors; Pipeline machinery; Pistols; Pithead winding gear; Pithead winding gear and winches for use underground; Pithead winding gear, winches for underground use, and capstans; Plain gears, gearing and driving elements; Planers; Plate warmers; Ploughs or disc harrows; Plug valves; Plumbing equipment; Pneumatic elevators or conveyors; Pneumatic hand tools; Pneumatic jacks; Pneumatic or motorised hand tools; Pneumatic power engines; Pneumatic power motors; Pneumatic valve actuators; Points heating system; Portable fire-extinguishers; Portal jib cranes; Poultry incubators and brooders; Poultry-keeping machinery; Power tools; Precipitators; Prefabricated equipment; Presses; Pressure boosters for liquids; Pressure-reducing valves; Pressure-reducing, control, check or safety valves; Pressurised water cleaning apparatus; Printing and graphics equipment; Printing machinery; Printing press; Process-control valves; Production riser tensioners; Production riser tie-back equipment; Propeller blades; Protection equipment; Pulley blocks; Pulley tackle and hoists; Pumps; Pumps and compressors; Pumps for firefighting; Pumps for liquids; Pumps for medical use;

Quayside cranes;

Radar sets; Radiation protection equipment; Rails and accessories; Railway equipment; Railway frogs; Railway points; Railway-station platforms tractors; Reciprocating displacement compressors; Reciprocating positive-displacement pumps for liquids; Recycling equipment; Refrigerated counters; Refrigerated showcases; Refrigerating and freezing equipment; Refrigerating equipment; Refrigerator-freezers; Refrigerators; Refrigerators and freezers; Rescue equipment; Restaurant equipment; Revolvers; Rifles; Rig-jacking systems; Riser connector apparatus; Road equipment; Road graders; Road rollers; Road sweepers; Road-maintenance equipment; Road-marking equipment; Road-surfacing machinery; Roasters; Roasters, hobs, hotplates and boiling rings; Rock-drilling equipment; Rocket-launching systems; Rods; Rolling machines; Rotary compressors; Rotary equipment; Rotary pumps; Rotary tables; Rotors; Rubbish compactors; Runway sweepers;

Safety equipment; Safety installations; Safety valves; Sanding machines; Sanitary dispensing machines; Sanitary taps, cocks; Sanitary vending machines; Sawing equipment; Scada or equivalent system; Scales; Scales for continuous weighing of goods; Scraper machines; Scrapers; Sealing equipment; Security equipment; Security systems; Sedimentation beds; Seeders, planters or transplanters; Self-loading or unloading trailers and semi-trailers for agriculture; Self-loading semi-trailers for agriculture; Self-loading trailers for agriculture; Sensors; Sewage presses; Sewage pumps; Sewage screens; Sewerage works equipment; Sewing machines; Shaft couplings; Shavers; Shavers and hair clippers; Shells; Shoe-making equipment; Shop scales; Sideloaders; Signal posts; Signalling boxes; Signalling equipment; Sinking machinery; Site-identification equipment; Site-safety equipment; Ski-lift equipment; Skid units; Skid-mounted modules; Skip hoists; Sleepers; Sliding valves; Sludge-drier installation; Sludge-handling equipment; Sludge-processing equipment; Sluice valves; Smelting furnaces; Smoke-extraction equipment; Snowblowers; Snowploughs; Snowploughs and snowblowers; Soldering and brazing equipment; Soldering equipment; Soldering, brazing and welding tools, surface tempering and hot-spraying machines and equipment; Sorting and screening machines; Special-purpose electrical goods; Special-purpose machine tools; Special-purpose machinery and parts; Specialist agricultural or forestry machinery; Speed camera equipment; Spray guns; Spraying equipment; Spraying machinery for agriculture or horticulture; Stacker cranes; Stamp-vending machines; Standpipe valves; Steam condensers; Steam generators; Steam irons; Steam or sand blasting machines; Steam turbines; Steam-generating boilers; Stop valves; Strapping machines; Straw or fodder balers; Submersible pumps; Subsea control systems; Subsea equipment; Surface tempering machines; Surveillance system;

Tamping machines; Tap parts; Taps, cocks and valves; Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances; Technical equipment; Temperature regulators; Textile spinning machines; Textile-finishing machinery; Threading or tapping machines; Ticket printers; Tie-back equipment; Time clocks; Timekeeping system; Toilet-roll dispenser system; Toll equipment; Tool holders; Torpedoes; Tower cranes; Track rails; Track-alignment machinery; Track-laying vehicles; Traction motors; Tractors; Traffic-control equipment; Traffic-flow measuring system; Traffic-monitoring equipment; Train-monitoring system; Tramline; Transmission shafts; Transmission, cam and crank shafts; Transport related equipment; Travelling crane; Traversing bridge; Truncheons or night sticks; Tunnel washer; Tunnelling machinery; Turbine equipment; Turbine installations; Turbine instruments; Turbines and motors; Turbo-compressors; Turning gear; Typesetting machinery;

Universal joints; Unloading equipment; Unloading semi-trailers for agriculture; Unloading trailers for agriculture; Upright-type freezers; Used tractors;

Vacuum cleaners; Vacuum pumps; Valve actuators; Valve parts; Valves defined by construction; Valves defined by function; Variable message signs; Vehicle air conditioners; Vehicle hoists; Vehicle location system; Vehicle-mounted cranes; Vending machines; Ventilating or recycling hoods; Ventilation equipment; Ventilators; Vertical-spindle machining centre;

Waffle irons; Wall air-conditioning machines; Warehouse management system; Washer/dryers; Washing equipment; Washing installation; Washing machines; Waste incinerators; Water cannons; Water filtration apparatus; Water heaters and heating for buildings; plumbing equipment; Water installations; Water pumps; Water wheels; Water-purifying apparatus; Weapons, ammunition and associated parts; Weaving machines; Weighing machinery; Weighing machinery and scales; Weights for weighing machines; Welding equipment; Well-completion equipment; Well-drilling machinery; Well-head control system; Well-head equipment; Well-head running tools; Well-heads; Well-intervention equipment; Well-testing equipment; Winches; Winches for use underground; Window air-conditioning machines; Woodworking equipment; Works trucks; Works trucks fitted with handling equipment; Workshop equipment; Wrapping machines;

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