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CPV Products and services list
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Accounting machines; Accounting software; Accounting system; Addressing machines; Anti-glare screens; Anti-virus software; Applications software; Automatic cash dispensers; Automatic fare collection; Automation system;

Back-up equipment; Ballpoint pens; Barcode readers; Billing system; Boat-location system; Braille pads; Bulk-mailing equipment;

Caches; CAD system; Calculating and accounting machines; Calculating machines; Calculation-type machines; Card carousel systems; Carousel units; Casemix system; Cash registers; Cassette-handling equipment; CD-ROM; Central controlling unit; Central processing unit; Central processing units for microcomputers; Central processing units for minicomputers; Central processing units for personal computers; Clinical information system; Coin-counting machines; Coin-handling machines; Coin-sorting machines; Coin-wrapping machines; Colour graphics printers; Colour photocopiers; Communications software; Computer accessories; Computer cards; Computer configurations; Computer control system; Computer equipment; Computer equipment and supplies; Computer hardware; Computer keyboards; Computer mice; Computer peripherals; Computer platforms; Computer ports; Computer programs; Computer servers; Computer software; Computer storage units; Computer supplies; Computer systems; Computer terminals; Computer upgrade; Computer-aided design software; Computers; Computers and printers; Consoles; Copying equipment;

Data recorders; Data-acquisition system; Data-entry equipment; Data-processing equipment; Data-processing machines; Data-validation equipment; Database; Database software; Database-management system; Date, sealing or numbering stamps; Debugging software; Desktop computers; Desktop-publishing equipment; Desktop-publishing software; Digital cadastral maps; Digital cartography equipment; Digital mapping system; Digital-mapping software; Direct-access storage devices (DASD); Disk controller; Disk-storage system; Diskettes; Disks; Display screens; Document management system; Dot-matrix printers; Drawing and painting software; Drawing boards; Duplicating machines;

E-mail system; Educational software; Electronic bulletin boards; Electronic cards; Electronic data management (EDM); Electronic typewriters; Emulation software; Encoders; Envelope-stuffing machines; Erasers; Eurocheque-issuing system;

Facsimile equipment; Felt-tipped pens; Fibre pens; File servers; Filing equipment; Financial information systems; Financial systems software; Floppy-disk drives; Folding machines; Font cartridges for printers; Fountain pens;

Graphics tablets;

Hard-disk drives;

Image-processing software; Imaging and archiving system; Information systems; Ink cartridges; Ink pads; Ink products; Ink ribbons; Ink sources for printing machinery; Input or output units; Input units; IT equipment; IT software;


Language compilers; Laptop personal computers; Laser printers; Library automation equipment; Library management software; Library management system; Light pens;

Magnetic card readers; Magnetic card storage units; Magnetic disk storage units; Magnetic or optical readers; Magnetic tape storage units; Magnetic tapes; Mail-sorting equipment; Mailing equipment; Mailroom equipment; Mainframe computer; Mainframe hardware; Mainframe software; Management software; Markers; Measuring tapes; Medical computer equipment; Medical information systems; Medical software; Memory-expansion equipment; Memory-management software; Micro-channel architecture; Microcomputer hardware; Microcomputer hardware and software; Microcomputer software; Minicomputer hardware; Minicomputer hardware and software; Minicomputer software; Miscellaneous computer equipment; Miscellaneous computer systems; Miscellaneous software; Mousepads; Multimedia software;

Network interfaces; Network servers; Notebook personal computers; Nursing information system;

Office and business machines; Office automation software; Office equipment; Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers; Office supplies; Office-type offset printing machinery; Operating-systems software; Optical disks; Optical readers; Optical reading system; Optical-character-recognition equipment; Optical-character-recognition software; Optical-disk drives; Optical-disk system; Output units; Overhead projectors; Overhead transparencies;

Paper or envelope folding machines; Parts and accessories calculating machines; Parts and accessories of office machines; Parts and accessories of photocopying apparatus; Parts and accessories of typewriters; Parts and accessories of typewriters and calculating machines; Parts of computers; Parts, accessories and supplies for computers; Passenger information system; Patient-administration system; Pencils; Pens; Perforation machines; Personal computers; Photocopying and printing equipment; Photocopying and thermocopying equipment; Photocopying equipment; Plotters; Pocket calculators; Portable computers; Post-office equipment; Postage machines; Postage-franking machines; Print-spooling software; Printer servers; Printers and plotters; Processors; Project management software; Propelling or sliding pencils; Public address systems; Punchcard readers;

Real-time passenger information system; Reproduction equipment; Reprographic supplies;

Salary envelopes; Salary mailers; Scanners for computer use; Security software; Self-adhesive labels; Servers; Shredders; Software; Software applications; Software licences; Software packages; Software products; Software upgrade; Sorting equipment; Spreadsheet software; Stationery; Statistical software; Stencil duplicating machines; Storage media; Storage, input or output units; Super computer; Systems software;

Tape streamers; Theatre management system; Thermocopying equipment; Ticket-issuing machines; Ticket-validation machines; Toner cartridges; Trackballs; Transaction-processing software; Typewriter ribbons; Typewriters;

UNIX or equivalent servers; Utilities software;

Various office equipment and supplies; Vehicle-counting machines;

Whiteboards; Word processors; Word-processing machines; Word-processing software; Workstations;

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