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CPV Products and services list
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Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries; Actuators; Adapters; Aerial signal splitters; Airport lighting; Alternators; Anodes; Arc lamps;

Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes; Battery chargers; Battery packs; Battle simulators; Blinkers; Boards and fuse boxes; Boards for electrical apparatus; Burglar and fire alarms; Burglar-alarm systems; Busbars;

Cable distribution cabinet; Cable joining kits; Capacitors; Carbon electrodes; Ceiling light fittings; Ceiling lights; Ceiling or wall light fittings; Changing message indicator panels; Chargers; Christmas tree lights; Circuit breakers; Circuit testers; Coaxial cable; Coaxial connectors; Connection boxes; Connection cables; Connections and contact elements; Control equipment; Control panels; Control, safety or signalling equipment for airports; Control, safety or signalling equipment for inland waterways; Control, safety or signalling equipment for parking facilities; Control, safety or signalling equipment for port installations; Control, safety or signalling equipment for railways; Control, safety or signalling equipment for roads; Cooling towers; Crossing control signalling equipment; Cut-outs;

Desk lamps; Detection apparatus for metal pipes; Detection apparatus for mines; Detection apparatus for non-metallic objects; Detection apparatus for plastics; Detection apparatus for timber; Diesel-powered generator set; Dimmers; Discharge lamps; Distribution boxes; Distribution equipment; Distribution switchboards; Distribution system; Distribution transformers; Domestic lights; Driving simulators; Dynamos;

Earthing switch; Electric accumulators; Electric conductors for access control systems; Electric conductors for data and control purposes; Electric filament lamps; Electric motors; Electric motors, generators and transformers; Electric pumps; Electric rotary converters; Electric switchboards; Electric tubes; Electrical accessories; Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits; Electrical circuit components; Electrical circuits; Electrical components; Electrical contacts; Electrical equipment and apparatus; Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles; Electrical installations for railways; Electrical materials; Electrical parts of machinery or apparatus; Electrical relays; Electrical signalling equipment for engines; Electrical signalling equipment for railways; Electrical supplies and accessories; Electrical wiring looms for engines; Electricity boxes; Electricity distribution and control apparatus; Electricity power lines; Electricity supplies; Electrodes; Electromechanical equipment; Electronic components; Electronic detection apparatus; Electronic equipment; Electronic scoreboards; Electronic supplies; Electronic timekeeping systems; Electronic, electromechanical and electrotechnical supplies; Electroplating machines; Electrotechnical equipment; Electrotechnical supplies; Emergency electricity equipment; Emergency generator; Emergency lighting equipment; Emergency power supplies; Emergency power systems; Emergency shutdown systems; Excitation systems; Exterior lights;

Field operating lights; Filament lamps; Fire-alarm systems; Fire-detection systems; Flight recorders; Floodlights; Floor-standing lamps; Fuel cells; Fuse boxes; Fuse switch disconnector; Fuses;

Gas cooling systems; Generating sets; Generating sets with compression-ignition engines; Generating sets with spark-ignition engines; Generator rotors; Generator units; Generators; Graphic display panels;

Illuminated nameplates; Illuminated signs; Illuminated signs and nameplates; Illuminated traffic signs; Inductors; Information panels; Infrared lamps; Instrument panels; Instrument transformer; Instrumentation and control equipment; Insulated cable accessories; Insulated cable glands; Insulated cable joints; Insulated cable junctions; Insulated cable reels; Insulated wire and cable; Insulating fittings; Interruptible power supplies; Inverters; Isolating switches;

Junction boxes;

Lamp-holders; Lamps; Lamps and light fittings; Lanterns; Lead batteries; Lead-acid accumulators; Light bulbs; Lighting equipment and electric lamps; Lighting for aircraft guidance and illumination; Lighting for river guidance and illumination; Lighting for ship guidance and illumination; Lighting systems; Lightning arrestors; Lightning conductors; Lightning-protection equipment; Linear accelerators; Liquid dielectric transformers;

Machines and apparatus with individual functions; Magnets; Mains; Mains connections; Medium-voltage equipment; Medium-voltage panels; Medium-voltage switchboards; Mercury-vapour lamps; Microelectronic machinery and apparatus; Microelectronic machinery and apparatus and microsystems; Microsystems; Miscellaneous data recorders; Mixing panels; Multi-phase motors;

Nickel-cadmium accumulators;

Operating-theatre lamps; Optical telecommunication cables; Optical-fibre cables; Optical-fibre cables for data transmission; Optical-fibre cables for information transmission; Outdoor switching installations; Overhead cable carriers; Overhead circuit breakers; Overhead electrical equipment; Overhead power lines;

Particle accelerators; Parts for electrical motors and generators; Parts of condensers; Parts of electric motors, generators and transformers; Parts of electricity distribution or control apparatus; Parts of gas generators; Parts of lamps and light fittings; Parts of lamps and lighting equipment; Parts of steam generators; Parts of transformers, inductors and static converters; Permanent message signs; Pinball machines; Platforms lighting; Plugs and sockets; Portable electric lamps; Power converters; Power distribution cables; Primary batteries; Primary cells; Primary water systems; Protection boxes;

Rechargers; Rectifiers; Resistors; Road lights; Rooflights; Runway lights;

Seal oil systems; Sealed-beam lamp units; Searchlights; Signal generators; Signalling lights; Simulators; Single-phase motors; Sirens; Sound or visual signalling apparatus; Spotlights; Starter motors; Static converters; Stator cooling water systems; Steam-turbine generator and related apparatus; Substation equipment; Surge suppressors; Switch disconnector; Switches; Switchgear; System for recording attendance;

Terminals; Torches; Traffic lights; Training simulators; Transceivers; Transducers; Transformers; Tungsten halogen filament lamps; Tunnel lighting; Turbine generator control apparatus; Turbine generator sets; Turbine rotors; Turbogenerator;

Ultraviolet lamps; Uninterruptible power supplies;

Voltage limiters; Voltage transformers; Voltage-control systems;

Wall light fittings; Wall lights; Warning lights; Water coolers; Wind farm; Wind turbine generators; Wind turbines; Wind-energy generators; Windmills; Wiring sets;

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