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CPV Products and services list
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Accessories for sound and video equipment; Acoustic devices; Aerials and reflectors; Amplifiers; Apparatus for sound, video-recording and reproduction; Audio-frequency amplifiers; Audio-frequency signal conversion apparatus; Audio-visual equipment; Audio-visual materials;

Broadcast production equipment; Broadcasting equipment;

Car telephones; Cards containing integrated circuits; Cassette players; Cathode-ray television picture tubes; Closed-circuit surveillance system; Closed-circuit television apparatus; Closed-circuit television cameras; Coding equipment; Colour televisions; Colour video monitors; Communications cable; Communications cable for special applications; Communications cable with coaxial conductors; Communications cable with multiple electrical conductors; Communications control system; Communications equipment; Communications infrastructure; Communications network; Compact disc players; Cordless telephones;

Data and voice media; Data carriers; Data equipment; Data-bearing media; Data-communications equipment; Data-transmission cable; Data-transmission cable for special applications; Data-transmission cable with coaxial conductors; Data-transmission cable with multiple electrical conductors; Data-transmission equipment; Dictating machines; Digital switchboards; Digital switching equipment; Digital telephone exchanges; Digital transmission apparatus; Diodes;

Earphones; Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy; Electrical capacitors; Electrical resistors; Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies; Electronic valves, tubes and electronic components; Emergency telephones; Entrance telephones; Ethernet network;

Fibre-optic connections; Fibre-optic materials; Film equipment; Fixed capacitors; Frequency converter;

GSM telephones;


Integrated electronic circuits; Integrated network; Intercom equipment; Internet network; Intranet network; ISDN network; ISDX network;


Light-emitting diodes; Local area network; Loudspeakers;

Magnetic tape recorders; Magnetrons; Megaphones; Microassemblies; Microphones; Microphones and loudspeakers; Microphones and speaker sets; Microprocessors; Microwave equipment; Microwave radio equipment; Microwave tubes and equipment; Mobile telephones; Modems; Modules; Monochrome televisions; Monochrome video monitors; Mounted piezo-electric crystals; Multimedia equipment; Multimedia networks; Multiplexers;

Network cabling; Network components; Network equipment; Network hubs; Network infrastructure; Network operating system; Network publishing system; Network routers; Network system; Network upgrade; Networks;

PABX equipment; PABX systems; Parts of electrical capacitors; Parts of electrical resistors, rheostats and potentiometers; Parts of electrical telephonic or telegraphic apparatus; Parts of electronic assemblies; Parts of electronic valves and tubes; Parts of radio and radar equipment; Parts of sound and video equipment; Payphone equipment; Phonecards; Populated printed circuit boards; Portable radios; Portable receivers for calling and paging; Printed circuits; Public telephones;

Radar spare parts and accessories; Radio and multiplex equipment; Radio and telephone control system; Radio beacons; Radio broadcast receivers; Radio equipment; Radio installations; Radio network; Radio pagers; Radio receivers; Radio stations; Radio telephones; Radio tower; Radio transmission apparatus with reception apparatus; Radio-frequency booster stations; Receiver or amplifier valves and tubes; Reception apparatus for radiotelephony or radiotelegraphy; Record players;

Satellite communications equipment; Satellite dishes; Satellite earth stations; Satellite platforms; Satellite-related communications equipment; Screens; Semiconductors; SIM cards; Sound equipment; Sound recorders; Sound-reproduction apparatus; Speech-compression system; Studio mixing console; Switchboard equipment; Switchboard panels; Switchboards;

Telecommunications cable; Telecommunications cable and equipment; Telecommunications equipment; Telecommunications equipment and supplies; Telecommunications facilities; Telecommunications network; Telecommunications system; Telematics system; Telemetry and control equipment; Telemetry and terminal equipment; Telemetry equipment; Telemetry surveillance system; Telephone cables; Telephone cables and associated equipment; Telephone connections; Telephone equipment; Telephone exchanges; Telephone headsets; Telephone network; Telephone network equipment; Telephone sets; Telephone switchboards; Telephone switching apparatus; Telephone-answering machines; Telephonic or telegraphic switching apparatus; Teleprinters; Teletext apparatus; Television aerials; Television and audio-visual equipment; Television and radio receivers, and sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus; Television camera tubes; Television cameras; Television equipment; Television projection equipment; Television transmission apparatus; Television transmission apparatus without reception apparatus; Televisions; Telex equipment; Terminal boards; Terminal boxes; Terminal emulators; Terminal equipment; Termination blocks; Token-ring network; Transistors; Transmission apparatus for radiotelephony, radiotelegraphy, radio broadcasting and television; Turntables;

Unpopulated printed circuit boards;

Vacuum switchboards; Valve tubes; Valves and tubes; Variable or adjustable capacitors; Video camcorders; Video equipment; Video monitors; Video players; Video recorders; Video recording or reproducing apparatus; Video transmission apparatus; Video tuners; Video-conferencing equipment; Video-editing equipment; Video-playback equipment; Video-reproducing apparatus; Video-signal coding machines; Video-surveillance system; Videotext terminals; Voice recorders; Voice-logging system; Voice-mail system;

Walkie-talkies; Wide area network; Wireless telecommunications system;

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