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CPV Products and services list
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Absorbable haemostatics; Acrylic teeth; Adhesive dressings; Administration sets; AIDS-prevention kits; Alarm clocks; Albumin; Ammeters; Anaesthesia and resuscitation; Anaesthesia and resuscitation devices; Anaesthesia devices; Anaesthesia mask; Analysers; Analysis apparatus; Angiography devices; Angiography room; Angiography supplies; Angioplasty devices; Angioplasty supplies; Animal blood; Apparatus and equipment for developing film; Apparatus for detecting fluids; Apparatus for measuring radiation; Apparatus for photographic laboratories; Artificial joints; Artificial parts of the body; Artificial parts of the heart; Astronomical and optical instruments; Audiometers; Autoclaves; Autopsy tables; Autosutures;

Baggage-scanning equipment; Balloon catheters; Bandages; Barometers; Batteries for pacemakers; Beds for medical use; Binoculars; Biochemical analysers; Biomedical equipment; Blood analysers; Blood coagulants; Blood collection bag; Blood plasma filters; Blood products; Blood-cell counters; Blood-transfusion devices; Blood-transfusion supplies; Blow bottle; Bomb detectors; Breast prostheses;

Camera bodies; Camera lenses; Cameras; Cameras for preparing printing plates or cylinders; Cannulae; Cardiac stimulation devices; Cardiac support devices; Cardiac surgery devices; Cardiac valve; Cardiac X-ray system; Cardiac-monitoring devices; Cardio-angiography devices; Cardiographs; Cardiovascular devices; CAT scanners; Catheter accessories; Catheters; Cement base; Central monitoring station; Chassis for invalid carriages; Checking and testing apparatus; Chemistry analyser; Chromatographs; Cinematographic cameras; Cinematographic projectors; Clinical chemistry system; Clip, suture, ligature supplies; Clocks; Clocks for vehicles; Cochlear implant; Coelioscopy devices; Collection bag; Collector and collection bags, drainage and kits; Colour-flow doppler; Colposcope; Compasses; Compresses; Contact lenses; Contamination-monitoring devices; Control devices for invalid carriages; Coronary endoprostheses; Corrective lenses; Cotton wool; Crutches; Cryosurgical and cryotherapy devices; CT scanners; Cytometers;

Defibrillator; Dental chairs; Dental consumables; Dental disposable instrument; Dental drills; Dental extraction instrument; Dental filling instrument; Dental filling materials; Dental haemostatic; Dental hand instrument; Dental hygiene products; Dental implant; Dental impression accessories; Dental probe; Dental prophylaxis accessories; Dental surgical instrument; Dental suture needle; Dental workstations; Dental X-ray; Dentistry; Dentures; Dermatological devices; Detection and analysis apparatus; Detection apparatus; Devices and instruments for infusion; Devices and instruments for transfusion; Devices and instruments for transfusion and infusion; Devices for the disabled; Devices for the elderly; Diagnostic devices; Diagnostic kits; Diagnostic supplies; Diagnostic systems; Diagnostic ultrasound devices; Diagnostic X-ray system; Diagnostics and radiodiagnostic devices and supplies; Dialysis filters; Diffraction apparatus; Digital angiography devices; Dilator; Direction-finding equipment; Disposable non-chemical medical consumables and haematological consumables; Doppler equipment; Dosage kits; Dosimetry system; Drafting machines; Drafting tables; Drain; Drain accessories; Dressing packs; Dressings; Dressings; clip, suture, ligature supplies; Drug detection apparatus;

Echo sounders; Echo, ultrasound and doppler imaging equipment; Echocardiographs; Echoencephalographs; Electrical, electromagnetic and mechanical treatment; Electricity meters; Electro-encephalographs; Electrocardiogram; Electrocardiography devices; Electromagnetic unit; Electromyographs; Electron microscopes; Electron-beam recorders; Electronic meters; Electrosurgical unit; Electrotherapy devices; Emission measurement equipment; Emission spectrometer; Endodontics accessories; Endoscopes; Endoscopy, endosurgery devices; Energy meters; Enlargers; Error-monitoring equipment; Examination tables; Expansion analysers; Explosives detection system; Extracorporeal circulatory unit;

False eyes; Fault detectors; Fibre-optic apparatus; First-aid boxes; Flashlights; Flow-measuring equipment; Fracture appliances, pins and plates; Frames and mountings for goggles; Frames and mountings for spectacles; Functional exploration; Functional support;

Gamma cameras; Gamma therapy devices; Gas chromatographs; Gas-analysis apparatus; Gas-detection apparatus; Gas-detection equipment; Gas-testing kits; Gas-therapy and respiratory devices; Geiger counters; Geological equipment; Global positioning system; Goggles;

Haematological consumables; Haematology analysers; Haemodialysis devices; Haemodialysis individual monitor; Haemodialysis multiposition; Hand-held instruments for measuring length; Hearing aids; Heparin; Horological instruments; Hospital beds; Human blood; Human organs; Hydrographic instruments; Hydrometers; Hygrometers; Hyperbaric chambers;

Imaging equipment for medical, dental and veterinary use; Immuno-analysis devices; Immunoassay analysers; Incontinence kit; Incubators; Industrial lasers; Industrial process control equipment; Infrared medical devices; Infusion pumps; Instant print cameras; Instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing and navigating; Instruments for anaesthesia; Instruments for anaesthesia and resuscitation; Instruments for checking physical characteristics; Instruments for measuring electrical quantities; Instruments for measuring flow, level and pressure of liquids and gases; Instruments for measuring quantities; Instruments for resuscitation; Instruments for vehicles; Intraocular lenses; Invalid carriages; Invalid carriages and wheelchairs; Invalid carriages, wheelchairs and associated devices;

Larynx artificial; Lasers; Lenses; Level-measuring equipment; Ligatures; Liquid crystal devices; Lithotripter; Long term ambulatory recording system;

Machines and apparatus for testing and measuring; Magnetic meters; Magnetic resonance imaging equipment; Magnetic resonance scanners; Magnetic resonance unit; Mammography devices; Mass spectrometer; Material for surgical sutures; Measuring and control equipment; Mechanical therapy unit; Mechanotherapy devices; Medical aids; Medical breathing devices; Medical devices; Medical furniture; Medical furniture except beds and tables; Medical gas masks; Medical gauze; Medical kits; Medical needles; Medical non-chemical consumables and haematological consumables; Medical tables; Medical wadding; Meteorological instruments; Metering instruments; Meters; Microfiche equipment; Microfiche readers; Microfilm and microfiche equipment; Microfilm equipment; Microfilm readers; Microform equipment; Microform readers; Microscopes; Milk analysers; Mirrors; Miscellaneous medical devices; Monitors; Motorised beds; Motorised wheelchairs; Motors for invalid carriages;

Navigational instruments; Navigational, meteorological, geological and geophysical instruments; Needles for sutures; Nightglasses; Noise-measuring equipment; Non-medical equipment based on the use of radiations; Nuclear magnetic resonance scanners;

Operating tables; Operating techniques; Operating theatre devices and instruments; Operating theatre furniture except tables; Operating-theatre devices; Operating-theatre instruments; Ophthalmology; Optical aids; Optical filters; Optical instruments; Optical microscopes; Orthodontic devices; Orthopaedic beds; Orthopaedic footwear; Orthopaedic implants; Orthopaedic prostheses; Orthopaedic supplies; Orthopaedic support devices; Oscillographs; Oscilloscopes; Osteosynthesis devices; Otolaryngology implant; Oxygen administration unit; Oxygen kits; Oxygen mask; Oxygen tents; Oxygen therapy unit; Oxygenator;

Pacemaker; Pantographs; Parking meters; Parts and accessories for hearing aids; Parts and accessories for invalid carriages; Parts and accessories for invalid carriages and wheelchairs; Parts and accessories for pacemakers; Parts and accessories for wheelchairs; Patient-monitoring system; Periscopes; Photographic enlargers; Photographic equipment; Photographic flashbulbs; Photographic flashcubes; Physical therapy devices; Plasma extracts; Plasters; Polarising material; Pollution-monitoring devices; Porcelain teeth; Precision balances; Precision balances, instruments for drawing, calculating and measuring length; Pressure gauges; Pressure-measuring equipment; Probes; Process timers; Production counters; Products for infusion; Projection screens; Projectors; Prosthodontic and relining products; Protective goggles; Psychiatric couches; Psychology testing devices; Psychrometers; Pyrometers;

Radar apparatus; Radar surveillance equipment; Radiation dosimeters; Radiation monitors; Radio remote-control apparatus; Radiodiagnostic devices; Radiodiagnostic supplies; Radiography devices; Radiotherapy devices and supplies; Radiotherapy supplies; Reagent strips; Reducers; Regulating and controlling instruments and apparatus; Remote-control equipment; Remote-control siren devices; Renal consumables; Renal dialysis consumables; Renal fluid; Renal support devices; Respiratory monitors; Resuscitation devices; Resuscitation mask; Reusable supplies; Revolution counters; Rotary and abrasive instrument;

Scalpels and blades; Scanners; Scanning electron microscopes; Scintigraphy devices; Seismic equipment; Servo-hydraulic test apparatus; Sextants; Sharps containers; Slide projectors; Slide rules; Smoke-analysis apparatus; Smoke-detection apparatus; Solderability testers; Sonars; Sound-measuring equipment; Specialist optical instruments; Spectacle lenses; Spectacles; Spectacles and lenses; Spectrographs; Spectrometers; Spectroscopy devices; Spectrum analyser; Speed indicators for vehicles; Speed limiters; Splints; Steering devices for invalid carriages; Sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene devices; Steriliser; Stimulator; Stomatology devices; Stopwatches; Stretchers; Stroboscopes; Sunglasses; Surgical collars; Surgical gloves; Surgical implants; Surgical instruments; Surgical laser; Surgical lights; Surgical staples; Surgical sutures; Surveying instruments; Surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic, hydrological and meteorological instruments and appliances; Syringes;

Tachometers; Taxi meters; Teeth; Telemetry apparatus; Telescopes; Telescopic sights; Tensiometer; Tent for medical use; Theodolites; Therapy; Therapy beds; Thermographs; Thermometers; Time recorders; Time registers; Time registers and the like; parking meters; Time switches; Token meters; Tomography devices; Topography equipment; Traction or suspension devices for medical beds; Transfusion pods; Transmission electron microscope;

Ultrasonic heart detector; Ultrasonic unit; Ultrasound scanners; Ultraviolet medical devices; Urine collection bag; Urine-bottle holders; Urology, exploration devices;

Vascular prostheses; Venepuncture, blood sampling devices; Ventricle; Vibration analysers; Voltmeters;

Walking aids; Wall clocks; Watches; Watches and clocks; Water meters; Wheelchair cushions; Wheelchair frames; Wheelchair seats; Wheelchair wheels; Wheelchairs; Wipes; Wire-cutter and bistoury; Wire-cutter and bistoury; surgical gloves; Wristwatches;

X-ray devices; X-ray fluoroscopy devices; X-ray inspection equipment; X-ray processing devices; X-ray table; X-ray therapy devices; X-ray workstations;

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