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CPV Products and services list
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4-wheel-drive vehicles;

Aircraft-refuelling vehicles; Aircraft-towing vehicles; All-terrain vehicles; Ambulance bodies; Ambulances; Articulated buses; Articulated trucks; Axles;

Battery-powered goods vehicles; Bicycles; Bowsers; Brake equipment; Brake linings; Brake pads; Brake shoes; Brakes and brake parts; Breakdown vehicles; Bus bodies; Buses;

Caravan-type trailers and semi-trailers; Cargo carriers; Chassis; Chassis bodies; Chassis cabs; Chemical incident unit; Clutches and associated parts; Coaches; Complete chassis; Compression-ignition engines; Crane trucks; Cycles with auxiliary motors;

Diesel-powered goods vehicles; Diesel-powered vehicles; Disc brakes; Double-decker buses; Dumper trucks;

Electric buses; Electric vehicles; Elevator-platforms trucks; Emergency vehicles; Engine parts; Engines; Engines and engine parts; Estate cars;

Fan belts; Fire engines; Firefighting vehicles; Flat-bed trucks; Fuel-tanker trucks;

Gearboxes; General-purpose trailers; Gritter vehicles; Gully emptiers;

Heavy-duty motor vehicles; Horsebox trailers;

Internal-combustion engines for motor vehicles and motorcycles;


Light vans; Low-floor buses;

Mechanical spare parts except engines and engine parts; Military vehicles; Minibuses; Mobile bridges; Mobile drilling derricks; Mobile emergency units; Mobile homes; Mobile incident units; Mobile library vehicles; Mobile units on trailers; Motor scooters; Motor vehicles; Motor vehicles for the transport of 10 or more persons; Motor vehicles for the transport of fewer than 10 persons; Motor vehicles for the transport of goods; Motorcycle sidecars; Motorcycles; Motorcycles, bicycles and sidecars;

Non-motorised bicycles;

Off-road vehicles; Offensive-action vehicles;

Panel vans; Paramedic vehicles; Parts and accessories for bicycles; Parts and accessories for motorcycle sidecars; Parts and accessories for motorcycles; Parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines; Parts of trailers, semi-trailers and other vehicles; Passenger cars; Patient-transport vehicles; Pistons; Police cars; Prisoner-transport vehicles; Public-service buses;

Refuelling trailers; Refuse-collection vehicles; Refuse-compaction vehicles; Rescue vehicles; Road tractor units; Road-maintenance vehicles; Road-sweeping vehicles;

Saloon cars; Salt spreaders; Seat belts; Second-hand goods vehicles; Second-hand transport vehicles; Semi-trailers; Sewage tankers; Silencers and exhaust pipes; Skip loaders; Spare parts for cars; Spare parts for goods vehicles; Spare parts for vans; Spark plugs; Spark-ignition engines; Special-purpose mobile containers; Special-purpose motor vehicles; Specialist vehicles; Sprinkler vehicles; Steering wheels, columns and boxes; Straddle carriers; Suction-sweeper vehicles;

Tanker trailers; Tankers; Test benches; Tipper trailers; Tipper trucks; Tractor accessories; Trailers; Trailers and semi-trailers; Trailers, semi-trailers and mobile containers; Turntable-ladder trailers; Turntable-ladder trucks;

Utility vehicles;

Vans; Vehicle bodies; Vehicle bodies for goods vehicles; Vehicle bodies, trailers or semi-trailers; Vehicle conversion kits; Vehicle jacks; Vehicle radiators; Vehicles for refuse; Vehicles for refuse and sewage; Vehicles for the emergency services;

Water-tender vehicles; Welfare vehicles; Wheel-balancing equipment; Wheeled loaders; Wheels, parts and accessories; Winter-maintenance vehicles;

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