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CPV Products and services list
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Animal ear tags; Anti-riot equipment; Apparatus and equipment designed for demonstrational purposes; Armchairs; Art supplies; Articles for funfair, table or parlour games; Articles for hunting or fishing; Articles for use with the hair; Articles of jewellery; Articles of precious metal; Articles of precious or semi-precious stones; Artificial flowers; Artificial fruit; Artificial grass; Artificial lawn; Artificial products; Artists' brushes; Athletics equipment;

Bamboo furniture; Barracks supplies; Bathroom furniture; Bedroom furniture; Bedroom furniture, other than beds and beddings; Bedroom, dining-room and living-room furniture; Beds and bedding and specialist soft furnishings; Bedside tables; Bench seats; Benches; Billiards; Blackboards; Bookcases; Bovine ear tags; Brooms; Brooms and brushes for household cleaning; Brooms and brushes of various types; Brushes; Brushes for cosmetics;

Cabinets; Camping goods; Candles; Card-index cabinets; Carousel systems; Catering supplies; Chairs; Chalks; Chests of drawers; China and kitchenware; Cigarette lighters; Classroom chairs; Classroom desks; Coffee tables; Coin- or disc-operated games; Coins; Coins and medals; Combs; Compost boxes; Computer furniture; Computer tables; Condoms; Conference-room furniture; Consumables; Consumables and consumer goods; Cots; Counters; Crayons; Crockery; Cupboards; Cuplets; Cups; Cups and glasses;

Deck chairs; Desks; Desks and tables; Dining chairs; Dining tables; Dining-room furniture; Display cases; Display units; Disposable catering supplies; Disposable cups; Disposable cutlery and plates; Disposable goods; Dolls; Domestic furniture; Drawing charcoal; Drawing pens;

Educational equipment; Ejector seats; Electric blankets; Electrically amplified musical instruments; Exhibition equipment; Exhibition stands;

Filing cabinets; Filing systems; Filter cartridges; Filters; Fitted kitchens; Food containers; Food trays; Fume cupboards; Funeral supplies; Furniture;

Games; Games and toys; fairground amusements; Garden furniture; Gas fuels for lighters; Goldsmiths' wares; Gymnasium equipment;

Handicraft and art supplies; Handicraft supplies; Hanging files;

Imitation jewellery; Information and promotion products;

Jewellery and related articles;

Kindergarten furniture; Kitchen equipment; Kitchen equipment, household items and catering supplies; Kitchen furniture and equipment; Kitchenware;

Laboratory benching; Laboratory furniture; Laundry supplies; Leisure equipment; Library equipment; Library furniture; Lighters, articles of combustible materials, pyrotechnics, matches and liquid or liquefied gas fuels; Living-room furniture; Lounge and reception-area furniture;

Matches; Mattress supports; Mattresses; Medals; Metal bookcases; Metal cabinets; Metal card-index cabinets; Metal cupboards; Metal desks; Metal filing cabinets; Metal filing systems; Metal furniture; Metal office furniture; Metal office shelving; Metal stools; Metal tables; Miscellaneous furniture and equipment; Miscellaneous manufactured and other goods; Mobile bookshelves; Modular furniture; Musical instruments; Musical instruments and parts;

Non-domestic furniture;

Office chairs; Office furniture; Office trolleys; Office, classroom and other seating; One-use items; Organs; Outdoor sports equipment;

Painters' brushes; Parts and accessories of musical instruments; Parts of furniture; Parts of seats; Parts, trimmings and accessories of umbrellas, sunshades, walking sticks and similar articles; Pastels; Pearls; Percussion instruments; Personal items; Pianos; Plastic chairs; Plastic furniture; Plastic furniture and furniture of other materials; Plastic seats; Playground equipment; Playing cards; Police equipment; Puzzles; Pyrophoric alloys; Pyrotechnics;

Racking; Recycled products; Retirement gifts; Roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements; Rubber sheets;

Sanitary articles; School furniture; School slates or boards with writing or drawing surfaces; School tables and chairs; Seals; Seat sticks; Seats for civil aircraft; Seats for motor vehicles; Seats with metal frames; Seats with wooden frames; Seats, chairs and associated parts; Security bags; Security devices; Security fittings; Servery counters; Settees; Shelves; Shop furniture; Silversmiths' wares; Skiing equipment; Skis; Snow poles; Sorting frames; Sorting tables; Special-purpose product; Specialist soft furnishings; Sports goods and equipment; Spray booths; Stools; Storage units; String instruments; Sunshades; Swings; Swivel seats; Synthetisers.;

Table and kitchen ware; Tables; Tableware; Tags; Targets for shooting practice; Tax-free goods; Teaching equipment; Teaching supplies; Test kits; Theatre seats; Toilet brushes; Tokens; Toothbrushes; Toy musical instruments; Toys; Training aids and devices; Trays;

Umbrellas; Umbrellas and sunshades; walking sticks and seat sticks; Upholstering;

Vacuum flasks; Video games;

Walking sticks; Wardrobes; Water canteens; Water skis; Water-sports equipment; Wearing parts; Wheeled toys; Wigs; Wind instruments; Wooden archive shelving; Wooden cupboards; Wooden desks; Wooden office furniture; Wooden office shelving; Wooden tables; Wooden trolleys; Work benches; Worktops; Writing slates;

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