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CPV Products and services list
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Air-traffic control services; Aircraft refuelling services; Airport operation services; Anchor handling services;

Baggage collection services; Baggage handling services; Berthing services; Bridge and tunnel operation services; Bridge operating services; Bridge toll services; Bunkering services; Buoy marking services; Buoy positioning services; Bus station services;

Cargo handling and storage services; Cargo handling services; Container handling services;

Fishing-vessel services; Freight transport agency services;

Gas storage services;

Highway operation services; Highway toll services;

Ice breaking services;

Lighthouse services; Lightship positioning services; Lightship services; Logistics services;

Miscellaneous water transport support services;

Navigation services;

Offshore positioning services; Organisation of package-tours;

Parking services; Passenger baggage handling services; Passenger terminal operation services; Port and forwarding agency services; Port and waterway operation services and associated services; Port operation services; Pushing services;

Research vessel services; ROV services;

Sale of travel tickets and package-tours services; Salvage and refloating services; Ship brokerage services; Ship chartering services; Ship refuelling services; Ship-launching services; Ship-operating services; Ship-piloting services; Standby vessel services; Storage and retrieval services; Storage and warehousing services; Storage services; Support services for air transport; Support services for land transport; Support services for railway transport; Support services for road transport; Support services for water transport;

Tourist guide services; Tourist information services; Towing and pushing services of ships; Towing services; Transport agency services; Transport document preparation services; Travel agency and similar services; Travel agency, tour operator and tourist assistance services; Travel management services; Travel services; Tunnel operation services; Tunnel toll services;

Vehicle refuelling services; Vessel laying-up services; Vessel refloating services; Vessel registration services; Vessel storage services; Vessel-salvaging services;

Warehousing services; Waterway operation services; Weighbridge services;

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