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CPV Products and services list
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Added-value database services;

Batch-processing services; Business analysis consultancy services;

Computer archiving services; Computer audit consultancy and hardware consultancy services; Computer audit services; Computer back-up services; Computer catalogue conversion services; Computer expansion services; Computer facilities management services; Computer hardware acceptance testing consultancy services; Computer network services; Computer support and consultancy services; Computer support services; Computer tabulation services; Computer testing services; Computer time sharing services; Computer upgrade services; Computer-related management services; Computer-related professional services; Computer-related services; Computer-site planning consultancy services; Contract systems analysis and programming services; Critical design target specification services; Custom software development services;

Data analysis services; Data capture services; Data collection and collation services; Data conversion services; Data entry services; Data management services; Data network management and support services; Data network management services; Data network support services; Data preparation services; Data services; Data storage services; Data supply services; Data transmission services; Data-processing services; Database services; Design-modelling services; Development of service level agreements; Development of software for military applications; Development of transaction processing and custom software; Disaster recovery services; Document management services;

Facilities management services for computer systems development; Facilities management services for computer systems maintenance; Facilities management services involving computer operation;

Hardware consultancy services; Hardware disaster-recovery consultancy services; Hardware integration consultancy services; Hardware selection consultancy services; Help-desk and support services; Help-desk services;

Information systems or technology planning services; Information systems or technology strategic review and planning services; Information systems or technology strategic review services; Information technology requirements review services; Information technology services;

Local area network services;

Memory expansion services;

Network management software services;

Office automation services; Optical character recognition services;

Programming services; Programming services of application software; Programming services of packaged software products; Programming services of systems and user software; Project management consultancy services; Prototyping services;

Software configuration services; Software consultancy services; Software development services; Software implementation services; Software integration consultancy services; Software maintenance services; Software programming and consultancy services; Software reproduction services; Software supply services; Software support services; Software testing and maintenance services; Software-related services; System implementation planning services; System maintenance and support services; System quality assurance assessment and review services; System quality assurance planning services; System software acceptance testing consultancy services; Systems analysis and programming services; Systems and technical consultancy services; Systems consultancy services; Systems support services; Systems testing services;

Technical computer support services;

Wide area network services;

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