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CPV Products and services list
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Advertising film production; Advertising video-tape production; Advertising, propaganda and information film and video-tape production; Amusement-park services; Archive services; Artistic and literary creation and interpretation services; Artistic services; Arts-facility operation services;

Ballroom dance-instruction services; Band entertainment services; Beach services; Betting services; Bookmaking services; Botanical and zoological garden services and nature reserve services; Botanical garden services;

Casino operating services; Circus services;

Dance and performance entertainment services; Dance-instruction services; Discotheque dance-instruction services;

Entertainment film and video-tape production; Entertainment film production; Entertainment services; Entertainment video-tape production;

Fair and amusement-park services; Fair services;

Gambling and betting services; Gambling services;

Information film production; Information video-tape production;

Library and archive services; Library services; Library, archives, museums and other cultural services; Lottery operating services;

Motion picture and video production services; Motion picture and video services; Motion picture projection services; Motion-picture and video-tape production and related services; Motion-picture distribution services; Motion-picture or video-tape distribution services; Museum services; Museum services and preservation services of historical sites and buildings; Museum-exhibition services;

Nature reserve services; News-agency services;

Orchestral entertainment services;

Preservation services of exhibits; Preservation services of exhibits and specimens; Preservation services of historical buildings; Preservation services of historical sites; Preservation services of historical sites and buildings; Preservation services of specimens; Propaganda film production; Propaganda video-tape production; Pyrotechnic services;

Radio and television cable services; Radio and television services; Radio broadcasting services; Radio services; Recreational-area services;

Services in connection with motion-picture and video-tape production; Services provided by authors; Services provided by authors, composers, sculptors, entertainers and other individual artists; Services provided by composers; Services provided by entertainers; Services provided by individual artists; Services provided by sculptors; Services related to the preparation of training manuals; Singer group entertainment services; Sport-related services; Sporting services; Sports facilities operation services; Sports-event organisation services; Sports-event promotion services;

Technical author services; Television broadcasting services; Television services; Theatrical producer entertainment services; Theatrical producers', singer groups', bands' and orchestras' entertainment services; Totalisator operating services; Training-film and video-tape production;

Video-tape distribution services; Video-tape projection services;

Wildlife preservation services; Works of art; Writing agency services;

Zoological garden services;

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